Welcome to VAUDI the Specialists for everything Volkswagen and Audi.

We understand ourselves as a real alternative to the established VW and Audi Dealership.

We offer main dealer service at realistic costs in the greater Dublin area.

Expect the same quality you would expect from an authorised main dealer, but:

- don’t expect a glass and marble palace

- don’t expect a good looking girl at the reception

- don’t expect glossy brochures and all that fancy merchandising.

But take it as granted that you will be dealed with surprisingly fair prices, a workshop equipped with the latest VW Audi computer equipment and an enthusiastic team about anything Volkswagen and Audi.

Our workshop manager has 25 years of experience and was working for Audi in Germany, where this high quality vehicles are build.

Therefore we know they will last forever if looked after.

We don’t have age restrictions like our big collegues. That means it doesn’t matter if yours is a 07 registered vehicle or a battered ‘89 Polo. Be assured your vehicle will get exact the same attention.

As we know what we are doing, there is no surprises with the bill. If you are in doubt if the repair is worth to be done we check your vehicle and tell you beforehand what it will cost. Then we find a solution together with you the owner.

Mobility is an issue, when your vehicle needs attention? Choose one of our courtesy cars that we offer for really reasonable costs.

If you need information in more detail please take a look on the various chapters on our site or just send us an email with your specific problem.

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